Vivaldi Community Talks

As you all know, at Vivaldi we love our community and pride ourselves in having a close relationship with you, be that on the Vivaldi Forum, Vivaldi Social or other social media channels.

But we can’t get enough! Which is why, together with some of our Ambassadors, we’ve come up with a cool new project for this great community: the Vivaldi Community Talks.

Every month, starting from April, we will be hosting a series of live talks on the Fediverse where we’ll discuss Vivaldi, tech, and more! The event is audio-only, and if you want, you can join our discussion by requesting speaker access.

Sounds fun? We hope to see you at the next one!

April – What makes Vivaldi unique?

Our guests for the first episode are Mathieu, Edward, Neal and Justin, Vivaldi Ambassadors who share with us their favorite things about Vivaldi.

May – Why does being on the Fediverse matter to us?

Our guests for this episode are Kyle and Cliff, Vivaldi Ambassadors and Sopranos who are admins of a Mastodon instance called All Things Tech.

June – Is regulation an effective tool to fight Big Tech?

Our guest for this episode is Bruce Lawson, Technical Communications Officer at Vivaldi and previous board member of the Open Web Advocacy group, who’s been involved in regulation advocacy efforts for years.

(The first few minutes are missing due to a technical error when recording, our apologies!).

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